Discover how our Liberate and Embrace Products can offer an unobtrusive level of protection for seniors and support care directives.

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The Power of Care podcast shares insights, trends and developments in the senior care eco-system with a focus on technologyand innovation. Join our CEO – Andy Furlong in the discussionof the rapidly changing elderly care market.

Episode 1

Marc McGrann is joined by Andy Furlong, CEO of Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions (TLS) to discuss the future of technology, smart monitoring and integrated platforms within the senior living sector.

Episode 2

Marc McGrann is joined by Lila Fehr, Director Of Senior Services at Fairview Haven to discuss the impact that technology and innovation can have in delivering frontline care to senior living residents.


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TLS I Introduction
TLS I Our Story
TLS I 4D Radar Technology
TLS I Introducing Liberate – Our B2C Solution
TLS I Introducing Embrace – Our B2B Solution
TLS I More About Liberate
TLS I More About Embrace
TLS I ROI Aging In Place
TLS I Sales Team & Sales University