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Respiratory module

By working in conjunction with the Neteera Respiratory Module, our platform serves to promote personal wellness through an educated mindfulness. The Neteera devices can deploy a unique sensing capability that can interpret prominent vital signs such as heart rates and respiratory rates. This sensing competence then interacts with the TLS platform to extract a collection of data that in turn, can inform individuals of personal well-being trends.Such edification serves to enhance individual or personal comprehension, allowing them to make an informed judgement in relation to their wellness status.

how we do it?

Non-intrusive, image and hands free, privacy assured sensors!

Stressless detection

Continuously Monitors Biodata through Clothing using Sub-THz Radar (No Cameras)

Accessible data

Patient Data Anonymized and sent to the Neteera Platform via Wi-Fi, Accessible through Any Device

Informed decisions

Timely Patient Interventions.
Support Decisions and
Personalized Care Provision

how it works

Improved outcomes

The sensors operate at a very high frequency, (116GHz to 123 GHz,) which enables them to detect micro-skin displacement at a substantial distance and through clothing. The sensor can work when a subject is sitting, standing, or laying down. Data interpretations can then serve as further indicators of the functionality of individual biological trends, allow for personal markers to be portrayed.

Vital signs can be checked remotely, continuously, and most importantly, without physical contact – thus seamlessly and safely facilitating rapid and accurate detection of fluctuations in health condition in real-time.
reinventing human sensing

Sensing vital signs through clothing

Heart Rate (Pulse)
Respiration Rate
Heart Rate Variability
Respiration Amplitude
Inhale-Exhale Ratio
Spot-Check Modes
keeping you informed!

Your health is more than a five-minute dialogue

Without the supplementary data that these devices can demonstrate, a conversation with your doctor relies on individual recollections of events and adequate content recall. Such individual interpretations usually equate to information being extracted from a snapshot in time. Information is deemed as being summative as opposed to informative. However, with the backing of data over a period of time, assessments can be heedful and serve to possibly eliminate medical conjecture.

Improving access to informative health care

HR and RR are two of the basic vital signs being measured in virtually every medical encounter whether it be at the clinic, the emergency department, in the operating room, or on the hospital ward, etc. Variations in these measurements can indicate a serious medical condition: cardiac, respiratory, or other (non- cardiac, non-respiratory), which emphasizes the medical need for their reliable measurement and recording.

Disruptive solution with unprecedented sensing capabilities!

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