Liberate Lite

introducing Liberate Lite

Our B2C Solution

Imagine a system that would allow Senior family members the sovereignty of being independent but simultaneously afforded others an un-intrusive watchfulness with freedom from worry and anxiety. Through our cutting-edge 4d radar technology and interactive systems, we transform this vision into reality!

simple technology

We have taken intelligent, interactive technology and made it simple. A mobile application allows for simple yet significant interaction that seniors can operate via the touch of the screen.

Fall detection module
Family communication
Interactive home screen
Shopping & services
24/7 Help Desk Support

Liberate Lite looks after you, without you needing to look after it.

Through its many features, Liberate Lite serves as both a protector of private senior independence and also as a useful information provider to other family members and caregivers. It makes the process of taking care of a senior or loved one easier and more proficient and provides a warming reassurance to those that it monitors.

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Liberate Lite Features

Our vigilant Liberate Lite system is linked to the mobile applications of an associated family member or a caregiver, creating an immediate alarm as soon as a need arises. It allows easy family communication through various communication channels, and provides convenience for seniors to enjoy online shopping from the comfort of their own home.

Fall Detection
Family Communication
Online Services

Liberate Lite provides ease of access to family members through the “Family Tree” feature.

It is our aim to support seniors as they continue their path of being self-sufficient and self-determined, with the knowledge that family members, both near and far, will be reassured of their well-being, without invading upon their privacy, their independence, or their dignity. With our Family Tree feature, seniors can stay connected to their loved ones, and care-givers at all times, through calls, text messages, emails and more.

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