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Our B2C solution

Liberate has been built with everyone in mind. For the senior community our devices are user-friendly. For caregivers and other family members, our solutions offer an elevated sense of control obtained via real-time monitoring and reporting. The systems reduce the negative effects of isolation and alleviates daily concerns for both parties. This innovative low-cost, low complexity approach goes a long way to resolving real-life problems that both seniors and their caregivers face regularly.

We have integrated many technologies and advanced 4D Radar detection to create a high-value user experience, whilst proudly boasting no cameras, listening devices, or wearable pendants. Seniors can feel free, independent, and comfortable in their own home!

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tablet-based application

The Heart of the Solution

‘The Heart’ of Liberate is our simple and easy-to-use tablet-based application that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Along with our ‘Companion Liberate Mobile App’, all seniors can live a vibrant life the way you would want them to.

Product Features

our technology

Liberate intelligent sensors

Smoke and Co2
House Temperature
Vital Signs Monitor
Doors and
Panic Button
Power & Connectivity
Water Leak
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