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Introducing Liberate

Our B2C Solution

Liberate has been built with everyone in mind. For the elderly audience, our devices are user-friendly. For caregivers and other family members, our solutions offer an elevated sense of control obtained via real-time monitoring and reporting. The systems reduce the negative effects of isolation and alleviates daily concerns for both parties.

This innovative low-cost, low complexity approach goes a long way to resolving real-life problems that both seniors and their caregivers face daily. We have integrated many technologies and advanced 4D Radar detection to create a high-value user experience, whilst proudly boasting no cameras, listening devices, or wearable pendants. Seniors can feel free, independent, and comfortable in their own home!

The Heart

‘The Heart’ of Liberate is our simple and easy-to-use tablet-based application that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Along with our ‘Companion Liberate Mobile App’, all seniors can live a vibrant life the way you would want them to.

Slide Monitoring and Response Liberate is perfectly customized to monitor, detect and alert loved ones, or caregivers, when abnormalities are recorded within your household. Our ‘Customer Care Center’ is available around the clock to provide additional support when needed. Slide Family Communication Through the ‘Family Tree Feature’, Liberate allows you to stay connected and communicate easily with your loved ones via Chats, Video Calls, or E-Mails. Slide Lifestyle and Support Focusing on personal health and daily activities, our 'Senior Portal' can advise you on healthy tips, nutrition, and exercise. Also, through ‘Our Partners Tab,’ you can order essentials online, book a service and enjoy partner’s promotions from the comfort of your own home.

Liberate Intelligent Sensors

Liberate allows you to oversee the well-being of seniors from afar and reassures them that they are not alone. This affords them the assurance that that they will be safe and secure in their own homes. Our Contactless 4D Radar sensors monitor, measure and detect abnormal events in the home.

Fall Detection
Stove Top and Oven
Fire, Smoke and Water
Doors and Windows
Arrival and Departure
Vital Signs Monitoring
Water Leak
House Temperature
Power and Connectivity

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