Introducing Embrace

Our B2B Solution

Designed to support the lives of seniors living in an assisted living facility, while resolving real-life problems that seniors and care givers face daily.

Our innovative low-cost, low-complexity approach goes a long way towards resolving the daily, real-life problems that both seniors and their caregivers face. Our integrated, cutting-edge technologies and advanced 4D Radar detection create a high-value user experience for all stakeholders. Seniors can feel free, independent, and comfortable in any environment.

The Heart

‘The Heart’ of Embrace is our simple and easy-to-use tablet-based application designed to provide the facility managers a comprehensive view of the wellbeing of their residents. Using our ‘Companion Mobile App’, nursing staff also have full access to relevant information, enabling them to offer full support as needed.

Slide Detection and Response Embrace is designed to carefully monitor, detect, and allow efficient response to abnormal occurrences within the facility. Alerts are categorized by priority and adjusted in line with resident information and the conditions in each room. Slide Information and Interaction Embrace includes a completely Customizable Home Dashboard incorporating Interactive features that allow collective communication. Multimedia materials, policies, and other information can be shared easily and effectively across the facility. Slide Embrace allows reporting and a summary of alerts that are delivered through infographic insights. Our around-the-clock help desk is available via live chat, call, or an e-mail to provide additional support when needed. Reporting and Support

Embrace is available for multiple devices. A tablet placed in the nursing station allows admin staff to add, update, or modify seniors-related information for the entire system. An overview and summary of alerts are displayed on a standard TV screen which can be placed near a nursing station, facility reception, or any other designated place. The Embrace Mobile App is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Its​ convenience allows nursing staff to attend to alerts quickly and efficiently.

Embrace Intelligent Sensors

Our 4D Radar Sensors are based on a Technology that reliably monitor, measure and detect abnormal events in any facility. We have integrated leading-edge technologies to create a high value user experience without the use of cameras, listening devices or wearables.

Fall Detection
Vital Signs Monitoring
Arrival and Departure
Power and Connectivity

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